tatami k20l



DESCRIPTION : Made of closed cell polyethylene foam. The layers are hot-coupled and are cut by water jet. The tooth width of 6 cm guarantees the perfect seal between the modules. Suitable for multiple martial and playable activities.

Frames for area's perimenter included.
Water cutted puzzle.

 lavabile WASHABLE           reversibile REVERSIBLE


USE : Karate, Sanda, Boxing, Thay, Kick, and other disciplines, which require elasticity and correct adhesion to the flooring.

  • EAN 13 Red/Blue: 8050513751007
  • EAN 13 Yellow/Blue: 8050513750994
  • EAN 13 Red/Green: 8050513751038



materialeJ  Material   Closed cell polyethylene - Density:80kg/m³
dimensioni  Dimensions   100 x 100 x 2cm
peso   Weight   1,6 kg (each)
colori  Colors    rosso blu Red/Blue , giallo blu Yellow/Blue rosso verde Red/Green
 finiture  Surface   Anti-slip, rice straw effect
imballo   Packaging   Pallet: 105x105cm, H. max 220cm (100 pcs) - Box: 105x105cm, H. max 50cm (25 pcs)
utilizzo   Use   Suitable for multiple martial and playable activities
 urti  Shock absorption   UNI EN 1177 HIC 700mm
 reach   Reach   Respect REACH's rule
 tossicit  Toxicity   Non toxic, according to EN71
 fuoco  Fireproof   Efl - According to standard 13501 Part1