tatami t20x



DESCRIPTION : Made of expanded monodensity closed-cells EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), molded and die-cutted into a special reversible locking system. The non-slip finish is hot-finished on the surface, creating a film effect that facilitates product cleaning. The tatami is two-colored with perimeter frames.

Frames for area's perimenter included.

 lavabile WASHABLE           reversibile REVERSIBLE

 USE : Multidisciplinary and a variety of indoor uses.


  • T20X.GV - EAN 13 Yellow/Green: 8050513750086 - EAN 13 MULTIPLE BOX (10 pcs Box): 8050513756088
  • T20X.RB - EAN 13 Red/Blue: 8050513750079 - EAN 13 MULTIPLE BOX (10 pcs Box): 8050513756071


materialeJ  Material   EVA (Ethyene vinyl acetate) Density:80kg/m³ 
dimensioni  Dimensions   100 x 100 x 2,1cm
peso   Weight   1,8 kg (each)
colori  Colors    rosso blu Red/Blue , giallo verde Yellow/Green
 finiture  Surface   5 lines embossed
imballo   Packaging   Pallet: 105x105cm, H. max 220cm (90 pcs) - Box: 105x105cm, H. max 50cm (24 pcs)
utilizzo   Use   Suitable for multiple martial al playable activities
 urti  Shock absorption   UNI EN 1177 HIC 700mm
 fuoco  Fireproof   Efl - According to standard 13501 Part1